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President: C.C. Young

Capital: NT$15,000,000.00

Total Owners’

Equity: NT$30,000,000.00

Employee: 12

Banking Ref: Central Trust of China, Taipei Branch

No. 80 Sung Chiang Road, Taipei

Cooperative Bank

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Spraying Systems (Taiwan) Ltd. (SST) emerged with the expanding sales of “Consin & Co., Inc.” established in 1971 _ one of our affiliated enterprises. Commencing 1982, We represented Spraying Systems Co. (U.S.A.) distributing Spray Nozzle and Accessories in Taiwan area. With 2000 _ the 18th year we are engaged ourselves in this line, we need to take a moment to reflect on the many events that have molded this company into the position of leadership we enjoy today.

It started in 1982, Mr. C.C Young, president of SST, obtained the distributorship of SS Co. products. At the beginning, only Mr. M.L. Chang and Mr. Fu-Chuan Kuo were appointed to market the newly represented products. They recognized the need for precision nozzles for cleaning, cooling, coating, and humidifying… and they set out to pursue their dreams. It is a tiny thing, but everybody might need it; it can be used everywhere. The main attributing factor to this success was that they made their minds to solve problems created in everyday work. People never stop working. They are busy with solving problems like excavating in acres of oil filed _ it’s really a mass of treasure.

The following years, in proportion to the growing sales volume, four sales engineers joined in their promotion work. They are so progressive to share the market, which had been occupied by Taiwan makers as well as some foreign suppliers in the past years. In the course of pioneering the Company’s new career, every effort has been made to specialize the service for customers in agricultural and industrial fields. Meantime, some products connected with spraying systems are also being developed. We would like to introduce as hereunder the suppliers and the various products for which we are representing now.

1982- Spraying Systems Co. (U.S.A.) Spray Nozzle and Accessories

From his establishment to nowadays, you may be assured his development is unending. SST is confident of protruding the achievement he has created.



SST may attribute the fast growth of sales to mutual help of his connected enterprise _ Consin and Co., Inc., established in 1971. Taking advantage of the highly effective distributing systems, they share customers or related application fields, but handle in non-competing commodities. To penetrate further into the market of South Taiwan, two sub-distributors are joining in the sales activities under the Company’s supervision.



To upgrade the human resources, training programs are scheduled for SST staffs. Non-periodically, the sales engineers are arranged to attend training sessions held by Professional Training Institutions. Quarterly, more than once, the sales engineers will take turns symposiuming on application techniques of a certain product. On occasion, Mr. C.C. Young will lecture to his staffs for a few hours discussing about the profound business philosophy. We may summarize essences of the Company’s training objectives, which are:

There are the ways , how SST staffs surpass the competition. The SST staffs commit themselves to provide customers with best quality and utmost reliability.



“Looking to the organization as a family”is the team spirit of SST staffs. It is the well reflection of the harmonious relationship between the Management and the Labor. The individual believes himself is growing with the growth of the Company. They win by union of the Company’s strength instead of by selling cheap.



 Since 1987, the modernization and computerization allow us to operate the Company more efficiently and systematically. The computerization includes“ Purchase and Sales Management System”,“documentary Processing System”,“Direct Mail Processing System”, and“Inventory Management System”…etc. Gradually, the Company’s financial and accounting business will be also computerized in this year _ 2000.